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The other night I spent some time reflecting. Aaaaand I will say, I’ve been feeling a little pressure the last few days, ya know, to do a “my album is out !” post on social media and send out a newsletter because it is out and how will anyone know if I don't do any #marketing ?! but tbh it just didn’t feel right. Don't get me wrong, I do hope...


So the backstory is... when Tim and I began driving through Oregon a couple of weeks ago we started listening to a Podcast called "The Black Tapes" (which I strongly recommend NOT listening to, it is so corny and even though there are some sparse interesting moments that give you hope that it gets better, IT DOES NOT. They don't tie anything...


There are some gigs that totally suck your soul out like a dementor and then there are others that GIVE YOU LIFE. The hardest thing I’ve come to terms with on this tour is how much I love playing live music with other people. Going into a new place every night all alone has been daunting at times and when I’m low on moral (bc of a long drive...


The most magical and memorable parts of touring and traveling Europe last September were the ones most unexpected; the days we had no plan. I find that is the best way to travel… Having a general timeline but leaving lots of space for the unexpected to occur. 

We never intended to go to the little town of Hoisdorf, we were just trying to...


This year at Thanksgiving, my cousin asked if I was going to do a Christmas video and, straight up scrooge vibe, I told her “No way” because my intention was to put all of my time, resources and energy into original music releases that I’m working on……….…

Fast forward to a couple of weeks later. AND IT’S TRUE. YOU REALLY CAN’T PREDICT WHEN YOU...

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