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I've been stuck in a dark deep night....

After sending me a video of his toddler bustin' a move to my new song, one of my best friends texted me:

lol. And while I am not exactly a recreational drug user myself, I don't want to stop you from interpreting the song as such if you are & need that for your joy.


That being said, I also want to share what this song is (for me) 🤗.


Despite what it sounds like on the surface, "Aspirin" has a lot more to do with the supernatural state of holy spirit than it does from the hallucinogenic one you might find at your local rave.


This song is a spiritual declaration - a rebuking of the darkness. My own mantra for clearing away demons and asserting the birthright of power that I have inside of me to live fearlessly and uninhibited by the confines of society; 


"Don't Come For Me, No!" is a warning, a challenge, staring down the fear and stopping it right in its' tracks before it can take hold. 


Growing up, I often received comments like "you must be drunk!'re so high!...what're you on drugs?!" in times that I've been completely sober. I think a person living life to the fullest can be perceived as a threat. It challenges others' comfort zones, their judgement, the rules of how things "should" be and can subconsciously reveal how a person might be in their own mental prison. 


People are often scared to let themselves go & follow their joy for a moment because of the fear of what others might think. We all have the power within us to be free. Letting ourselves exist outside of our comfort zone; dancing in public, striking up conversation with a stranger, laughing so hard we cry despite looking crazy, or even saying "no" to something in order to prioritize our own joy, etc... that is communing with the spirit of life and it is much more high & freeing than any substance we could possibly consume.


"There's no way this was an aspirin", it's something better. 

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