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"Super appealing and relevant"

-Harvey Mason Jr., 6x Grammy winning producer

“A blast of empowering, feel-good pop”

- Wonderland. Magazine, "Premiere: Girls Like Me"




Lorena Leigh - Vocals, Ukulele, Loops

Ricky Pistone - Acoustic & Electric guitar

Mike Luzecky - Bass guitar

Marcus Jones - Drums, Percussion

Back Up Dancers -

Sam Howard & Madeline Elise


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“Texas-bred, quirky, theatrical (but deeply heartfelt) cowgirl/gravity-defying musical mermaid”

- Jonathan Widran; Music Connection, "Lorena Leigh and Kevin Daniel at the Hotel Café"

With Texas charm and New York grit, Lorena Leigh is the feminine fusion of homegrown story-telling, danceable rhythms, and summertime obsession. Her songwriting journey began at the ripe age of 3 with her first single “I’m thirsty, and I want something to drink.” The song debuted in her family’s kitchen and mingled with tunes by the likes of Trisha Yearwood and the Dixie Chicks.

Though Lorena’s musical foundations may have begun with country, classic American rock, and the Spice Girls, a wave of island influence crashed into her sound in her early 20s. Lorena’s catchy hooks, lyrical stories, and electrified, pedal-popped ukulele melodies propel her music to the core of your soul.

It’s part cowgirl. It’s part mermaid.

An underwater spiritual explosion set in a honky tonk disco. 

LL Indoor 2
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Opening for Stevie Nicks & Little Big Town
, CO)

Opening for Kris Lager Band
(Ouray, CO)

Panther Island Pavillion
(Fort Worth, TX)

Fort Worth at Container Bar
(Austin, TX)

Headliner- 152 tickets sold 
(Fort Worth, TX)

Opening for Curtis Grimes
(Arlington, TX) 


Riding the momentum of her previous EPs Bella Vista (2015) and Jellyfish Queen (2018)- which contained the breakout single “Headstrong"- Leigh released her debut LP in the fall of 2019. Entitled Water Theory, the 11-song adventure was produced by Ernesto Valenzuela (Tommy Genesis, Espé, B-52s) and features an all-star cast including drummer

Sterling Campbell (David Bowie, B-52s and Duran Duran).

Laced with hints of Ellie Goulding, Nelly Furtado, Colbie Caillat, and Cyndi Lauper,

Water Theory is a complete galaxy with engaging sentiments, vibrant characters, and cinematic soundscapes.

Opening with the theatrical “Into The Water,” which was written after a swim at the YMCA, Lorena Leigh explores themes of raising awareness and collective consciousness. It’s the perfect diving off point for the journey ahead.

"Water is connected, we all are part of it, pulled by the moon like the tides. Whether you jump into the ocean in Thailand, New York, or Ireland, you're jumping into the vast collection of molecules that cover our planet and connect us all,” says Leigh.

From there the album’s emboldening anthem “Girls Like Me,” whose accompanying music video has her riding jellyfish to the far reaches of the universe, puts girl power front and center. It’s an unambiguous message for women to embrace their ambition and confidence.


The Bossa Nova beach vibes of “Can’t Undo” sweep you to a carefree oasis, while the soulful “Take it Slow” details the gravity of a potential romance; the novelty may be exciting and inescapable, but needs to be sustained with a lasting compassion. In those situations when the flame of romance is unreciprocated, “Even Still” wields layers of distorted guitars, cinematic percussion, and grand, rhythmic strings to console a tormented heart.


“Lost at Sea” is Lorena’s exploration of the melancholic contentment you find in recognizing your own strength.

"I really love being alone. I like figuring out life on my own. I believe the sentiment of this song will be a part of me always, no matter who comes in and out of my life in friendship and love.”

In contrast, “For A Long Time” honors those extraordinary friends that welcome you in, show you love, and become a part of you no matter the distance in life. It was written about the close-knit community that she found in Rockaway Beach, Queens- a place that will always feel like her home. 


One of the album’s cornerstones comes in the form of "El Agua.” It’s an ethereal, expansive, yet subconscious homage to Durga, a Hindu goddess with eight arms. "She is the warrior goddess, whose mythology centers around forces that threaten peace, prosperity and dharma of the good. Embodying the fierce form of the protective mother goddess, it’s a force for liberation and destruction to empower creation.”


Through “Tired to the Bone,” Leigh offers encouragement to move on from those phases of life that seem to harass you ceaselessly. Getting out of that headspace and leaving negativity behind brings the forward momentum needed to find delight again. Out of demise comes new beginnings. A choir of aquatic-effected ukuleles erupts into a bouncy summertime showdown in “New Love.“ It is a celebration of companionship that “Follow You” brings home with a declaration of enduring connection.

“For the uke master and ace vocal modulator—who can go from breezy/flirty/high-end flutter to overpowering and heartrending with a turn from verse to chorus—it’s all about “El Agua”. That representative tune showcased her snappy islandy sensibilities, exotic vocal textures, and the impressive way a uke can be used to rock steady and loud.”

- Jonathan Widran; Music Connection, "Lorena Leigh and Kevin Daniel at the Hotel Café"

"One of my favorite discoveries of 2018…[New Love] is just about the happiest, sunniest sounding track you ever did hear"

– Mark Schectman, DFW's Alt103.7 KVIL-FM

“Can’t Undo” is actually a lot breezier than its inspiration would suggest –– its vibe calls to mind a Fleetwood Mac song made for a beachside cabana”

– Steve Steward; Fort Worth Weekly, "Riding the Wave'

"A single song flows effervescently through multiple clever hooks and her voice, the slighting tinge of a twang."

– Brian Kendall; Fort Worth Magazine, 'The Melody Maker'

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