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You Only Have Yourself

Who actually has the time to care what other ppl REALLY think??? To let other ppl dictate who you are? This is slightly morbid but important to remember— You only have yourself until you die. YOU WILL BE THE ONLY PERSON ALWAYS WITH YOU 24-7 UNTIL YOU DIE. So focus on being right w your self & your soul & know that you were born into the world already deserving to have fun & be in love w your experience... when you nurture that romance, all else will follow suit🙏🏽👢🌸

Several years ago it was a chiropractor who told me this ^^ when I guess he sensed I was in a horrible relationship -- I was. It was bringing me down hard & I couldn't admit it to myself. Couldn't admit to myself that someone had me fooled, that I had let someone else turn me against myself and my inner voice.

When that Chiropractor looked me in my sad eyes and said "you only live with yourself until you die" it. changed. my. life.

We think we owe people so much but turth is none of those people have to live with us the way we have to live with ourselves. Everyday. For the rest of our lives.

I don't knowwww who needs to hear this but: YOU KNOW ALL OF YOUR OWN ANSWERS, OKAY?????

So trust yourself and don't take their bs.

LOVE YOU <3 giddy up!


'self love in bloom' @ericaconnollyphotography /

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