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Writing new music in Amsterdom

When head colds and jet lag can't stop a new song from being written.... cause open windows, sunshine & a piano in the middle of Amsterdam offer more inspiration than I was ready for.

We started this song last fall. We decided not to record a produced version of my song 'Sistership' for the album but rather wanted to write a new song using the same chords...and this is what came out. When we ran out of resources to record (time, money, studio) last May, we put the partial song on the back burner and sort of forgot about it. Fast forward to this past September & turns out all it takes is a reunion in Amsterdam for me and my producer/bestie Ernesto to finally finish what we started.

Euro-Tour was great. but tbh, it was really just the moments to be free & creative that were the greatEST.

And PS. if you want to hear the rest of this song... well then I guess you'll just have to wait.../subscribe! and I'll be sure to let you know when a public recording of it is OUT IN THE WORLD.

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