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Wild Times

Pretty wild that I haven’t been more than 45 min away from where I am since March 11. This is the longest time I’ve been in one place since high school 😵

So many adventures feel like they happened in another life... while I’m NOT glad for the turmoil of the world, I AM grateful for this slow down because it’s given me time and grace to sort through and appreciate so many things I’d been too busy to face.

Adventures these days are all in my mind with eyes closed amid silence. I’m grateful for that magical ability we have within us all; To go anywhere & see anyone, without having to cringe through TSA to do it...

🧘🏽‍♀️💫 👁 keep your spirit strong✨

Photo from summer of 2019 when I lived with my then boyfriend for 3 months in Ireland. I flew over to Southwest England to play a few shows and on this particular night I met energy healer Shanti Faiia -- at the time I was battling on and off episodes of vertigo & meeting her was very serendipitous. It's been a journey of inner discovery and healing ever since.

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