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Why don’t ya just let yourself be sad?

Sometimes I’m sad. Like in January I was really sad. For ab 5 years after I broke my foot in 2010 I was reeeally sad... (and didn’t understanding what depression looks like/feels like until a sports therapist looked me in my dead eyes and scientifically explained it to me). Mental health is important & sometimes I feel like the societal awareness of it or our compulsory urge to Google everything that goes wrong (or is that just me heh) can make it worse - there’s a place for medication/diagnosis and there’s also a place for acceptance & space. Reminding ourselves that it’s ok to be sad. It’s okay to have a bad day without reason or need to be fixed. Emotions ebb & flow & I believe our bodies/hearts/souls sense & absorb so much more than our brain can comprehend. So idk, hope my pov doesn’t offend anyone. Just wanna say it’s okay to be sad. No matter how sad we are for a day, a week, a year... a decade... we eventually flow to a better happier place & when we get there we’re all the more grateful to soak up every moment. So if you’re sad, let em tears rip & have faith that you will weather the storm. You know what to do. I love you & am not the only one 💖

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