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What does a sunset mean to you?

Updated: Mar 7, 2022

When you're still, quiet and looking at that big ball of blazing light....what does it say?

Do you see the life of the day flash through the sky as it descends into a sleepy slumber?

A goodnight to one hemisphere as it prepares to awaken another. Does the sun feel tired? Working non stop for all of the earth to flow. Do you think during its' golden hours of descent, it is taking a nap? A little flash of rest?

I feel the glow. The hum of the universe. It all swirls. Engulfed in that golden timeline as all of the other stars ready themselves for their big moment to shine!

An audience of trees fall silent, a curtain opens, there is a sudden beckoning, an inhaled breath to begin; the show of the night.

Wherever the sun goes, I'd like to follow. That's why I sit by the light of the moon. For in those hours when the sun is no longer in sight, I know I can catch a glimpse & bask in its' glimmer that beams back at me from the reflection in luna's gaze.

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