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Water Theory

The other night I spent some time reflecting. Aaaaand I will say, I’ve been feeling a little pressure the last few days, ya know, to do a “my album is out !” post on social media and send out a newsletter because it is out and how will anyone know if I don't do any #marketing ?! but tbh it just didn’t feel right. Don't get me wrong, I do hope you listen and LoVeEeEe my music and come to my shows but now that the album is out, it's hard for me to push any agenda when that is not entirely the why behind it.

When I first had the idea to do a water album, I had not recorded an EP yet. I actually had never even played live music. I didn’t know what a quarter inch or XLR cable was, had never edited a video or even been in a music studio for that matter.

I don’t know what the voice is that whispers in your heart to see something through no matter the obstacles but I do know the intentions of that whisper weren’t my career or my bank account or my self-esteem (haha FOR REAL), the intentions of that whisper were for my soul, my spirt and the invisible gold glitter stream that binds my heart to another when we share in something pure, like music, or art, or surfing... expression.

Now that my baby 'Water Theory' is out in the world I feel a whole lot different than I thought I would. Something that seemed so career oriented for the last 6 years of my life came crumbling down the other night with lots of full-moon emotion. This project is the purest & tiniest book of 10 years of memories compiled into musical data and sealed up in shrink wrap. A string of songs that, for me, represent the years of skin thickening life-lessons, hard work, surrendering to serendipity and the creation of lifelong friendships money could never (even dream!) of buying.

Ernesto Valenzuela produced this album and he is 100% my brother 4 life whether he likes it or not. I met Ernesto bc of my other non-blood but brother 4 life, Simon Calle, who started playing guitar with my band because he was a friend of Pepe Benavides Jiménez, our drummer who began playing with us because he knew Rene Veron (the man who started it all) from Chile and Rene had to miss some gigs so we needed a second guitarist.


From mash ups with my bestie, Taryn Langton, in my 7 x 3 ft bedroom in 2013 to playing with my first band “The Dinosaurs” in 2015 that eventually became “The Sirens” in 2016, the divine interventions of God via Craigslist in 2017 when Ricky Pistone, William Salwen & Giulliana Merello came into my life... and the most supportive and cool friends like Louis Chavez, Sarah Badham & Tim Phillips who were down to hold a camera and support/document me through some pretty cringeworthy content... there’s like 20 thousand more ppl to name but YOU GET THE POINT.

I feel like everyone I've met has been such a key player in the creation of WT and where I currently am on my artistic quest. We're all so connected and I wouldn't know or have been ready to meet any one person if it weren't for the people I met before them. It took a village and a patient journey to accomplish this album and I believe that's true for anything I'll do that feels worthwhile. I think they say "the devil is in the details" because if we overlook those finite details (the moments, friendships, experiences and places) that's when we succumb to the “devil”, the darkness, the part that wants us to forget our heart whisper & give up. So many parts may seem like small meaningless strokes but in actuality those are all the key to the magic and beauty of the final picture.

I guess I’ve just been running so fast the last 6 years, hell bent on some goal which now I realize more than ever was, to some extent, an illusion...I haven’t taken much time to stop and feel lucky or be proud. And now that I’ve stopped, accepted all that's not in my control and let this release pour out.... proud wouldn’t quite be the right word and luck is a little bit surface-level so I’m gonna go with grateful. SO. GRATEFUL.

Grateful to know and be associated with such incredible artists who agreed to jump on my weird ass mer-wagon once upon a time and be a part of what this has become.

Water Theory has been a long time coming and now that it's flowing, I’m certain this love is going to be a steady stream. A new journey, that's part of a greater quest that I'm 100% okay with not understanding. I've got so much in the pipeline and I’m so grateful for the years of etching out this initial burst. Time to to let it all out and see where it goes.

Thank you. ALWAYS !!!!!!!

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