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Unintended consequences & coming alive

April 2019 I met J.Prep at a meeting with a producer in LA. Neither of us ended up working with that producer (yet 😏) but an unintended positive consequence of that trip was our serendipitous introduction and the birth of this remix. May 2019 I filmed the original 'Girls Like Me' music video and this nighttime footage was a part of that two day shoot. Once the original 'Girls Like Me' video went into post-production, I ended up scrapping the nighttime scene from the edit because it didn't quite fit the vibe of what quickly conspired to be a world of quirky, green screened jellyfish in space. A couple weeks following that edit, J.Prep sent me the first draft of this remix & it almost immediately inspired something in me to utilize that nighttime footage as an accompanying visual. ...every time I enter into a new creative project, I never know what the finish line will look like or if there will ever even be a finish line at all. I never thought about trying to release any remixes of my songs until I met J.Prep, I never knew how I could utilize that unused footage until J.Prep sent me his remix and I never knew how I'd ever have the time to sit down and edit those two components together until my year of tour plans screeched to a halt at the mercy of a global pandemic. I don't have a real zinger of wisdom or anything profound with this story... Just wanted to share as food for thought; a small anecdote of how stars, that I didn't see, willed themselves to align and gave a little remix and video the power to come alive. I rarely know what I'm doing but it's always exciting to find out. Hope you enjoy this video.

<3, LL

"Don't ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive and go do it. Because what the world needs is more people who have come alive" -Howard Thurman

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