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this year's trip around the sun

Updated: Mar 31, 2023

Received so much bday love & so many well wishes this year for my birthday. This show last Sunday in Forth Worth with Amplify 817 was a lot of fun.

I am so grateful to be accepted & feel like I can fully express myself right where I grew up. I did a few new things at the show (like add dancers!!) which was scary & exciting.

I am 31. And I say this because

A. I find it really annoying that people in entertainment/society feel compelled to lie ab age in order to be relevant


B. because I realize this year is the first time I’ve ever turned an age with no connotation or pre-determined expectation — a pretty freeing feeling. Ppl often think I’m on the younger side and then I have to tell them “bitch, I’ve lived a whole freakin adult decade of life!” & they’re shocked but I guess the side of me that’s annoyed by bullshitters, h8rs & ass-umers isn’t bc I’m a bitch (to be clear, I am actually *THAT bitch), it’s because I’ve seen it all before. They ain’t nothin new, they’ve always been and will always be.

Texas birthed me, NY built me, Ireland healed me & now I’m back where it all began, here to party & embark on a whole new chapter of badassery that tbh, I’m not sure the world is ready for, but I’m coming fer you whether YOU LIKE IT OR NOT.

Ok thx again all who came out to the show & generally for the love! HBD fellow crabbers 🦀

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