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Spotify Wrapped & Listening to songs on repeat

Spotify recap is such a weird thing - I can’t decide if I love it or hate it bc even the way it talks to me as an artist feels like mockery & artists sharing it strikes me as somewhere between “bc everyone else is doing it” & gloating... yes I am judgmental af & that kinda shit just really adds fuel to my cynical indie artist fire 😂

BUT HERE. IS THE STATS I LOVE: when ppl text me that one of my songs made it to their tops and they aren’t my Mom! 🙏🏽 and THIS!

I am very excited that there are ppl who have listened to a song on repeat!

When I listen to a song more than once it is bc it hit something in ma soul. A spiritual experience. The first time I remember super consciously listening to a song on repeat was “Do it” by the spice girls when I was 7 yrs old cleaning my room - the lyrics “you can do the wrong thing for the right reasons. Don’t just do the right thing to be pleasing. Who cares what they say because the rules are for breaking. Who made them anyway? You gotta show what you feel, don’t hide”

Uhh yes. That shit is spiritual. A concept and thought that seemed so counterintuitive to the Bible Belt disposition I grew up with b

ut I knew was right because it was liberating something inside of me. A concept I had never considered. A moment between myself & God in my little room that was delivered by a song to help me better understand my own truth.

In this case, maybe listening to my song on repeat isn’t quite that deep haha; it’s just bc you like the feeling of the bass, rhythm of the percs or @rickypistone’s funky ass guitars. Whatever the reason, I’m #blessed and honored that you did. That somewhere in the cosmos I was given the responsibility of an idea for a song & with @ernstvmusic was able to see it through & that it hit you somewhere in your truth that you felt compelled to give it a listen for a second, third or even fourth time through.

I went in cynical and came out surprisingly grateful - thanks for listening more than once. We all connected & thats the best part of being alive. LOVE YALL

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