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Shine Serendipity

The making of this song & music video was another truly serendipitous experience that I felt God/the universe had a heavy hand in bringing it to fruition. So, for today's advent I am sharing the BTS video!

From recording the song in just a few days in NYC with Ernesto to figuring out a storyline hours before we were booked to film, this video was a trip! And the first time I felt like I was able to run wild with my music video directing dreams.

I had been on tour the first two weeks of December and we got back to Texas just days before we were booked to film. Tim and I had exhausted all of our list of connections for location options & had nothing to show for it with no plan of where to shoot at 11PM the night before filming. Around midnight something clicked and we came up with the whole story of Tanya Sparkle & the narrative that she was the Claus's daughter who wanted to break free of the Christmas family business and become the poster child/holiday character for New Years.

A couple of phone calls later and we had secured Jordan Justice & Jill Lord to be the Clauses, were in full force planning props/costumes & storyboarding for the music video. Everything came together far better than I could've ever imagined and it was yet another lesson on how planning doesn't always equate to a finished positive product. The essential element, for me, is showing up intent on creating with enough curiosity and openness to accept whatever the creation wants to be.

Although it is can be stressful, by now I've come to accept that my creative process is one that tends to work out best when I surrender to the universe and let it guide the way.

Right now as I write this I am en route to New Mexico for a couple days of finding my sanity snowboarding down mountains. I've got my gear & hope to shoot something for 'Navidad Bells' while I'm there - we'll see if it is meant to be... and if it is... you can expect that in the coming days of Advent!


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