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My annual Christmas video this year turned out to be a NEW YEARS original song & video.

The thing is... even though we're now almost to the middle of January, I am not done celebrating the hope I have for this year/decade to come. AND I NEVER WILL BE.

SO HERE ARE SOME LYRIC VIDS !!! Two different "House roof" and "Holly" versions. ENJOY!!!!!!!!! SHINE BRIGHT !!!! & KICK THIS YEAR'S ASS !!!!!

My personal resolution this year is a video a week on youtube. I already know it's going to be a tough challenge but I'm stoked for it because I love the art of making videos almost as much as I love music. So, if I totally drop off of Instagram, facebook, snapchat, tiktok, niknok, bikbok & every other zillion forms of communication that I already struggle to keep up with... YOUTUBE IS WHERE YOU CAN FIND ME.

Huzzah! <3


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