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Santacon in NYC Circa 2016

Another year, another whim. This is the SECOND year that officially made the "annual LL Christmas song + video" a tradition.

This was the year that I bought a nice camera & film gear literally the night before we filmed from a guy on craigslist. And for any photo/video editing aficionados, you can clearly see that this was before I learned to color correct 😂 (or even had the slightest clue of how necessary it is)

All I'll say is, I thank my lucky stars that I have friends willing to hold a camera and allow me to publicly embarrass myself dressed as sporty Santa Claus for 8 hours straight... (looking at your Sarah Badham!)

My friend Simon and I also recorded this song with one USB mic in a closet at my apartment. I'll never "release" it but it is available for download on my soundcloud here : )

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