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Santa couldn't have come to town if it weren't for his friends

Ahhh yes, as ya'll might already know, I've been re-hashing the old mems this last month via some very disorganized hard drives. I came across a plethora of vids of me and Simon that filled me with so much joy. Simon is one of those friends I will have for life. I cried just a little bit watching the vids because I realize that through all the rollercoaster of my 20s, the most important thing I have had and will never take for granted moving forward, is friendship. I have had amazingly deep, supportive and pure friendships through-out my life and especially my time in NYC.

I had some very dark years in NY and to have had the light of pure friends, like Simon, made all the difference. Friendship lifted me up when I was down, encouraged me to keep going and brought meaning to life when I felt there was none.. and probably, at the time, many of those friendships didn't even know what a beacon of hope they were. I am so freaking lucky to have been on this path for I have collected some of the most precious relationships that I might've never found if not for music.

MY CUP RUNNETH OVER, DAWG!!!!! So anyway, here's us recording the Santa song.

I spent many years trying to appear as if I had a "team" behind me so I wouldn't share much content like this... but it's always just been me doing all the things for my music... alongside some REALLY GOOD FRIENDS. And honestly, what better team could there be?

Lots of love yall! Sing-a-long!


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