Quarantine Wedding 2020

When desperate times call for... almost the best case scenario?... measures.

This wasn't the plan. Ross and I got engaged over Christmas and were planning an Irish wedding for 2021. At the start of March, I was gearing up for my first full band tour !! Beers, adventure & SXSW were all on the agenda as well as Ross's company for two weeks of the trip.

Long story short; Ross came into town, tour was cancelled, life was cancelled, boarders closed, Ross & I went into a total panic of *if you go back, when will we ever see each other again!??!* and within hours of Ireland issuing a warning for citizens with short term visas in America to return back to the Emerald Isle, we were on our way to the courthouse for a marriage license: TIME TO GET HITCHED!

With the court houses closed, we reached out to my Dad's best friend, Jeff, to officiate our wedding and invited my friends, Nick Cosmic to photograph & Katherine Tobler for moral support (needed some outside energy bc at this point we had been quarantined with the only attendees, my family, for just less than two very #tense months) as we got in gear for the little ceremony that would be our big day. Ross built an arbor, I ordered our formal wear, we reviewed our whataburger favs & on the day of the big wind (May 1, 2020) in my parent’s backyard, with my fam in person & Ross’s on zoom, we said “I do” to being quarantined in each other’s hearts for forever 🍀💍

Moral of the story: When everything seems to fall apart, what matters most will always find a way to fall together...

LOVE !!!!

Big Thank You to our families for supporting our decision & immigration journey, Nick Cosmic for the beautiful pics & Oakley for accepting Ross as her new Dad.

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