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Protect your world

2021 m00d: Laser Focus

At the end of 2019 I wrote Shine and the lyrics go "This year I'm gonna be honest, not gonna be caught up on the wreckage of things falling through" and while that seemed an appropriate resolution for me personally going into 2020, I truly had NO IDEA just how on point the sentiment would be.

This it seems even more so.

There was once I time when I truly thought my life was falling apart. I was in a horrible relationship & constantly battling the want to leave/the fear that I would be hung out to dry by life if I left because I so highly depended on this person (or so I thought, hello, just incase anyone feels this way that is reading this... this is a tale-tell sign of deep seeded toxicity: when someone tricks you or you trick yourself into thinking you need another person to survive. Leave & get clear. God speed!).

When I worked up the courage to cut it off, it was hard but the more doors I closed that connected my energy to this person, ie; deleted social media off my phone, only went to place I knew I wouldn't see them, expanded my friend group, reconnected with old friends and family, began working out at a new gym etc etc, the more I realized the power within myself to create my own reality. It was in that first month that I truly realized the doorway of the internet. Particularly Instagram, that it was another world, like an entire other planet that I could teleport to when I opened the app on my phone. But when I didn't have the app, I genuinely did not miss a dang thing. I stayed here on earth. I stayed in my own life and focused on the very cool reality that I could tangibly experience all around me.

Don't get me wrong, I love social media + the internet (how else could I share this blog post with you!?)... BUT, I just wanna send you a little reminder to protect your world. There is a dumpster fire on a lot of other internet planets & countries and your continuous worry will not do one single thing to put them out.

Focus on the world that you CAN control.

Our biggest asset is our time and especially the time we spend investing into our own little world to make it the best it can be. You have your reality- your friends, family, work, social life, the food you cook, the water you drink, the pets you cuddle, the exercises you choose, the art you create, the clothes you wear, the jokes you tell, and so on and so forth - and it is all yours. Individually curated & directed by you.

There will always be a dumpster fire somewhere. Especially in this era. But there is always time for you. Time to close your eyes and listen to you.

And after you take care of you, then you can set aside the time to catch up on all the latest dumpster fires that you missed- but at least you'll have grounded yourself well enough going into it that you'll have the power to resist from falling in.

I've seen a lot of "guilt" happening on the internet planets: do something! or do not do something! or be someone or do not be someone or someone telling someone else who they are or are not - uhg, draining.

Just be you & know that it's ok to disconnect in order to protect the only world you truly & soulfully know inside and out; yourself.

Love ya'll

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