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overcoming my worst fear 💩

Here’s a fun story-

A few weeks ago I thought I’d try drinking milk (for the first time in 5+ years...ya know, WhEn iN iReLaNd or something like that). A few hours later I was surfing and had to, as fast as I’ve ever moved, run out of the water onto the beach, up the dune, strip down butt naked w wetsuit down to my ankles, dig a hole in the sand & take a horrific sh!t into the hole bc there was literally no other option. Milk was not only a bad choice but the literally the worst personal choice I could’ve made for breakfast that morning.

By the grace of God no one else was within earshot or a clear visual shot. I am now officially three weeks survived the most traumatic & empowering experience of my life. This has always been a fear of mine (having to 💩 in a wetsuit) & it’s great that I’ve now overcome it. So, no matter what you’re going through, I want to tell you that you’ll make it through. Even when life feels like it’s literally wiping your fiery butthole with sand, you’ll find the strength to stand again, walk to the ocean, baptize yourself in the great waters of powerful energy, suit up & catch another wave 💖💩🙏🏽 #blessed

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