Old Videos in the New Year

My new years resolution for 2020 is to upload a video a week to youtube. I am doing a small tour in England this week and thought I would have time to film and edit something while here but wow, I was totally delusional in thinking I would have time for that HAH.

So, here's a video that I've had as unlisted on my youtube for 2.5 yrs now. I guess I never posted it because I thought it was too imperfect (& long), which in many ways it is, but the whole reason I wanted to challenge myself to do a video a week this year is for that very reason... to just upload and update on the moments and music as they comes and are experienced rather than over analyze and "perfect" everything I present to the world. Like many people, inside my brain lives the world's worst internet troll and she has really impossible standards HAHA but the more transparently I share with the world, the stronger I grow & the quieter she becomes. At the end of the day, we're all just doing the best we can!

I'm in indie artist, running and gunning as well as I can on my own. It's scary, very imperfect but always a gift to be sharing in the joy of music. The best part of life is the great set of random circumstances that sometimes present themselves and sync up to create amazing moments, like this one. A gig and weekend I will always hold dear in my heart.

Thanks for reading - I hope you enjoy!

The random circumstances:

Ted Ponsonby on guitar - damn, what an honor it was to play with this brilliant man at the Dunfanaghy Jazz & Blues two years ago!!

Nolan Sritan behind the lens - who I had only met a couple days prior while in Dublin and he just happened to also be going through that area of the country on his travels and was able to stop by to film. (@rollinwithnolan_)

All the peeps who were part of other bands that came by to sing, play harmonica and join the jam.

The audience for their positivity, sing-a-longs, hoot, hollers, stomps & claps.

Donald Craig - who last minute got me this little show in the festival.

The Greenberg family who took me in over that weekend and single handedly changed my life hahaha CRAZY !!

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