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Oakley vs Coyote

About a month & a half ago I watched Oakley’s life flash before my eyes as a coyote baited her into the woods to “play” ... I ran a .2 minute mile (more or less) in platform sandals, scaled a 5 fence & ran into a HEAVILY WOODED & UNKEMPT AREA after them. I was machete-ing tree branches w my hands & thighs to get through the brush, screaming like a dying cat-donkey while simultaneously crying & banging two 4 ft sticks together (I don’t even know when the sticks came into my hands) while slightly hobbling (which I didn’t know at the time why my body wasn’t functioning at an optimal speed but now know it’s bc had I re-tore my meniscus landing that fence jump #WorthIt).

My last view of Oakley & the Coyote was deep in the woods ab 5 feet in front of me, nose to nose w butts up in the play position and then ran off out of sight towards the direction of the Den. I was sure Oakley was a goner. Totally hyped up on adrenaline, I was raging on a mission to enter that cayote den & w my sticks & bare hands kill the whole pack & accept heartbreak & rabies as my fate, “If you don’t live for something, you’ll die for nothing” and yes, I LIVE for Oakley.

Little did I know: my mom was back at the house, hearing my hysteria and luckily had some recently grilled ribs at the ready. She grabbed a rib & said that within seconds of getting to the edge of the woods, that aroma of grilled rib must’ve been powerful as she could see Oakley running back, unscathed, tongue hanging out, excited to get a rib treat 👻 wtf. God was really out here pouring a strong dose of miracle in the back country of Keller, TX that day and I will praise him forevermore for that gift of extended life.

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