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Insomnia songs

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

GAWDDD MY SLEEP over the last 6 months has been crazy. I've truly worked my absolute hardest to take advantage of being homebound by getting myself on a consistent sleep schedule, workout schedule, daily routine etc etc

For instance, in June I did a solid 3 weeks of 6/7AM wake up (usually when I'd be going to sleep lol) & early 9PM wind down but then wham, one night ruins it. I'll be in bed, so tired, and suddenly it's like a song drifts by in the ethos. The song is high up in the sky twirling around the stars and looking down at the houses below to see if anyone is available to bring it into the world when it spots me, just on the verge of sleep but not quite there and BOOM. Enters my brain like a miniature ghost and upon arrival is READY 2 PARTY.

And I say to the song ghost "Please, can you come back tomorrow? I am so tired"

Song Ghost "Yeah right bitch, this melody is so damn catchy - now that you've heard it there's no way you'll be able to fall asleep! MWHAAHA SHWING!"

And then I take a deep sigh and am like "U right, I love song. Good idea" and I horizontally roll out of bed, land on the floor shuffle to my house shoes, put on my robe and exit to find a place where I won't disturb my husband or dog.

So, yes, this video is from a night like that. The song that actually got me to get out of bed this particular night was 'Cowgirl Mermaid Christmas', a song that I am working on for the 2020 Christmas Album now.... but once I got the Christmas one written, "Tell Me A Story" came in and decided to join the insomnia song idea party.

*An extra side note about sleep "problems" for anyone who also stresses about this:

All of these months of fighting my nature to get on a healthy schedule has just made me realize it's not for me. People argue that science says I'm unhealthy bc of my sleep patters - "you can't function properly when you're not on a routine!" but honestly, functionality for me is on a scale of happiness, not survival. And when I just embrace my creativity or active mind at the times it's raging... I feel fine. I feel better than fine. I feel alive and at peace. Which seems like the better option when it comes to me being exhausted by trying to fit myself into a cookie cutter 9-5pm and lay awake all night WITHOUT getting anything useful done that gives my soul reason to rest.

Just do what feels right. It's literally all that matters.

Ok thanks for reading, Love yall

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