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I'll be *literally* home for Christmas

This year at Thanksgiving, my cousin asked if I was going to do a Christmas video and, straight up scrooge vibe, I told her “No way” because my intention was to put all of my time, resources and energy into original music releases that I’m working on……….…

Fast forward to a couple of weeks later. AND IT’S TRUE. YOU REALLY CAN’T PREDICT WHEN YOU’LL BE BIT BY THE CHRISTMAS SPIRIT. It comes on suddenly, without any warning and despite all preconceived notions of denial upon its greeting - IT WILL OVERCOME YOU. And in extreme cases, cause you to brainstorm a Christmas cover musical extravaganza, go into a complete frenzy & talk your friends into joining… because the Christmas spirit KNOWS NO BOUNDS, IT ONLY KNOWS THE NECESSITY OF SPREADING CHEER.

So anyway, that happened and I picked “I’ll be home for Christmas” this year because I am quite *literally* “home for Christmas” with no place to return after the holidays (other than where I already am).

Being home is the best. I am so glad I moved back. It is exactly where I am supposed to be right now. However, I MISS MY FWIENDS. I miss being able to go to a friends place in Brooklyn or Washington Heights or Astoria or out in Rockaway or wherever the eff they live, (bc practically everyone under the age of 30 chasing an artistic career in NYC lives a transient-new-apartment-every-few-months lifestyle) and play music, wear wigs, record, watch youtube, drink beers, rehash the ridiculous anecdotes from our many side hustles, complain about NYC, etc.

Music has led me to so many beautiful, inspiring and hilarious people. I am often wayyyy too focused on the destination and forget about the journey… but when I do something like this and get a chance to spend hours alone in my room listening to & clipping together videos of all these people that I love into one lil Christmas spectacular….. I feel for a second how meaningless all my goal setting and die-hard attitude about “making it” is… while it is important to set goals for my own sanity, I think it’s important to relish in relationships for my own heart.

There are so many people beyond this video who have come into and changed my life through music. Those I create the music, play live and geek out over music tech with, those who have helped me turn my music into visuals by teaching me about editing, creating choreography, film and video production and finally, those who have so greatly encouraged me to keep going by receiving what I create and cheering for me along the way.

If you’re reading this… you’re definitely one of them.

I hope this video brings you joy, bites you with the Christmas spirit and helps you relish in the relationships guiding and loving you through your own life journey.

THANK YOU!!!! for being a part of my adventure and musical world.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!


Lorena Leigh

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