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Grandad: A tiny documentary

"Beautiful young people are accidents of nature / But beautiful old people are works of art." -Marjory Barslow-Greenbie

This isn't exactly music related except for the fact that I wouldn't have even been BORN or be here today playing music if it weren't for this man.

I interviewed my Grandad a couple of years ago when I first got my camera and was really stoked on documenting everything that I possibly could in my life. He passed away last Wednesday October 24th 2018. While going through old pictures with my sister to put together a slide show for the funeral, we ran across super 8 footage of my grandparents from the 50s! So, instead of a slide show, I threw together my interview with him, family pictures and parts of the super 8 footage for a tiny documentary in his honor.

This is the story of James Gray as told by his Lorena Leigh.

*we play music together at 15:20*

*I know this video is like hella long but how can you even begin to fit in the awesomeness of someone's life in less than 20 mintes idk*

*fun fact: My Grandad is the only person in my family who also did theater... So I believe I really have him to thank for all that I love to do now*

Thank you to all the whole hearted, legacy-leaving Grandparents out there. Ya'll the real MVPs.

And special thank you to Grandad, who is now up in Heaven, for giving me and my family so much time, energy and love your whole life. May your body rest in peace but your spirit throw a kegger of a party up there in the reeeealll God's country!!!!!! GIVE JESUS A HIGH FIVE FOR ME.



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