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So the backstory is... when Tim and I began driving through Oregon a couple of weeks ago we started listening to a Podcast called "The Black Tapes" (which I strongly recommend NOT listening to, it is so corny and even though there are some sparse interesting moments that give you hope that it gets better, IT DOES NOT. They don't tie anything together and it only gets worse. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME). Before we knew that the show stunk, we were initially really into it. It's all appropriately spooky szn paranormal activity and set in THE Pacific Northwest! With it being both of our first times in the area and had quite literally driven from California summer into BOOM, autumn in the magical Oregon forest, we were primed for alter ego creation.

I kept doing the maniacal laugh with your everyday, common witch banter (ie: caldrons, eating children, the latest skin boil etc). And Tim goes "Wait, so, what is your Witch name?"....

"Destiny", I responded without missing a beat. "And your child?"... "Oh his name is Prado".

Uhh I have never previously thought about my witch name much less, having a warlock child but there we were with the cold hard facts that Destiny was and is forevermore my witch alter-ego.

We both started laughing at the ridiculous (ahem, stripper-like) name choice and then deliberated about whether Tim would be a Warlock or Wizard. Just as we settle on him as a wizard, we passed a road sign that had the word "Autzen" on it. We shouted "Autzen!" at the same time and instantly knew that the path of wizardry and his wizard name, had chosen him.

Later that night we arrived at Suttle Lodge in Sisters, OR, where I played a show. We stayed a couple of nights in the depths of that magical forest, making videos and accidentally accumulating Poison Oak. We keep the Destiny & Autzen joke going but mostly forget about it by the time we hit the road for Portland. While making a pit stop at some random convenient store (no gas) that caught our eye because they were advertising CORN DOGS in the window... we found our way to a back corner of the store where there was a "Used Books for sale" sign. I was looking at the drinks near by and heard Tim GASP. When I look over, he is holding up the first book that he randomly chose. It was an old, worn, dark brown, hard cover book and on the spine read it's title, "Destiny" in red, metallic script.

So long story short, YOU ALREADY KNOW I 100% bought that book for $4 CASH MONEY and the rest is history. Destiny was born. Full blown tour witchery was set to ensue.

Although we've only really had one night (halloween 2k19) together, she's already taught me so much, she's really not like a regular witch, she's a cool, sporty, happenin' witch.

Here are my initial takeaways: There is healing power in maniacal laughter and killer dance moves as well as no shame in missing teeth and life is best lived with bushy eyebrows. Miss your teeth, but make it fashion. Now, that's the Destiny spirit.


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