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Dancing For A Long Time

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

"Every time I watch a video of someone dancing in their own house it gives me severe second hand embarrassment & I can't stop cringing"

-My sister ^spoken in relation to a diff video just hours after I finished this edit hahaha

I haven't danced for the heck of it in... a long time *lol pun* but over the last few weeks I've felt the desire again. It's nice. Like an old friend... tho I literally feel like an old woman when I do because my joints creak & I'm so friggin out of my body.

I wasn't dancing to this song and if you want a technically satisfying dance-watch, this ain't it but here's the thing, it felt super good and 100% I don't think anyone truly gives a shit. SO here I am to make the most of the quaran-content that I capture in order to make a lyric vid but also to second hand embarrass you with this vid of me dancing my homebound heart out because maybe it will give you the courage to not judge yourself when you dance your homebound heart out. I think it's important to be aware of and follow those urges (to dance, to sing, to sleep, to hug, etc) when they come cause they're little urges for joy. So for Gods sake, if you feel it, JUST DANCE IT OUT & FEEL BETTER ALREADY

hope u like the song, thanks for reading my blog and watching my vid !

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