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Change the world?

Why do so many people make the blanket statement that they want to "CHANGE the world?"

Isn't it kinda common knowledge that when you set out to try and CHANGE someone, nothing good/constructive is to come of it? Or has that just been my experience in personal relationships... why do we want to CHANGE the world?... why not add to it, why not inspire it, why not accept it for who it is and love it?

I'm not convinced that it is best to CHANGE something/someone else on your own personal agenda, seems better to be the best you can... and then see the change it inspires.

That's what I'm thinking right now but don't take it too seriously because I've only had a couple hours of sleep & you should live your life however you want !!

Change the World or Change Yourself or Change Your Diaper or Buy A Soda With A Large Bill and GET SOME CHANGE.

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