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Playing the Parade of Lights

For anyone who might've missed our performance in the GM Financial Fort Worth Parade of Lights - you can watch the replay 🎄✨ we play "Shine" at 1:06:41

It felt SO GOOD to play "live" again, with other people, even if just virtually.

Full disclosure: I definitely felt rusty and funnily enough almost every single band member forgot something (like actual instruments, amps, my computer, etc etc 🤣) on the way to or from the gig... not that surprising after being out of practice for this type of gig for over 8 months 😂 It all worked out in the end though and we had a good laugh. I am v grateful to this new DFW-based band that came through & formed just days before to make this performance happen ☃

Looking forward to more shows in the future...Santa, if you're reading this, all I want for Christmas is more opportunities to play live music! ✨🙏

Performers in the band:

Justin Schenk - Guitar

Jonny Harmon - Drums

Mike Luzecky - Bass

Emma Lord - Backing vocal

Grace Lord - Backing vocal

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