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With Texas charm and New York grit, Lorena Leigh is the feminine fusion of homegrown story-telling, danceable rhythms, and summertime obsession. Her songwriting journey began at the ripe age of 3 with her first single “I’m thirsty, and I want something to drink.” The song debuted in her family’s kitchen and mingled with tunes by the likes of Trisha Yearwood and the Dixie Chicks.



Though Lorena’s musical foundations may have begun with country, classic American rock, and the Spice Girls, a wave of island influence crashed into her sound in her early 20s. Lorena’s catchy hooks, lyrical stories, and electrified, pedal-popped ukulele melodies propel her music to the core of your soul.

It’s part cowgirl. It’s part mermaid.

It’s all water theory.

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