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"Sistership" meaning

"Sistership" is a term that my older sister, Anna, and I came up with on my 21st bday when I somehow ((🍺)) lost my inner tube while floating the river in San Marcos, TX.

We ended up spider-monkey-style sharing her tube while screaming "All Aboard The Sistership!" for the duration of the remaining river float. Actually, even after the river ended. Yes. We continued to stay in our shared tube and scream/cried laughing "SISTERSHIP 4EVER" while our generous and kind friend, Ryan Cromer, dragged us through gravel at the end of the river.

All in all, it was a pretty solid 21st bday and a great metaphor for the Sistership that remains. God, I love my sister and I also love my sistas (non-blood) & I'm glad to be making music about it cuz when I sing about things that matter to me, they only become that much more reallll ✨

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