Irish Feelz

I had just gotten back from Ireland, jet lagged, sleep deprived, with a horrible head cold but on such a high and with the clearest mind. When I walked into my apartment, I was so happy to be home in my small, safe space... all I wanted to do was dance.

I took a camera with me on the trip but never even pulled it out once. Lately I've been in a bit of an anti-documenting phase because (yes I'm having an existential crisis but even more so) I've really enjoyed being fully in my moments and keeping them sacred for myself and no one else.

Though, when I got home, glad to be with my animals and glad to have grown from a week of some of the best experiences of my life - I couldn't help but want to whip out my camera to capture the way the afternoon sunlight was coming in through my windows and warming up the room. I always feel awkward at first when I do this (dancing alone in front of a camera (lol bc like ok who does that) (ok, me)) but I usually forget or get stoked on the footage when I see how it looks as I'm going along and stop caring. I'm glad I did it this day in particular because it's not about my bumbling dance moves, or the lighting, or the space or anything really - for me, it's like a moment of pure joy captured for myself. And in editing this little clip, I've gotten to relive my love for that week and the high I felt that day over and over again.

And if I learned ANYTHING in Ireland, it's to do things that give me real joy... Cause what else is there to life really?

Song: Never Change by Picture This

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