Being 25 and singing a song about being 25

25 has really been one of the most emotionally trying years of my life. Nobody really warns you about the self doubt & depreciation that comes along with working on something (your dreams, your work, your relationships, yourself) for what feels like for-ev-er without much coming of it.

A friend of mine wrote a post on his Facebook recently, he said "I learned that maybe who I am is as good as it's gonna get"

And as I round up to my 26th year this July... I'm starting to understand that very sentiment in all it’s glory. It’s not about settling for less than you are, it’s about being okay with who you’ve become. I’ve become so many things, and I’ve shed so many things and in this moment, I’m as good as I’m gonna get and whatever - Just accepting that…. FEELS GREAT!

We recorded this song last October and I’m glad I finally gained the courage and faith to release it. Linda Perry struck my soul when she first released this song the year after I was born. It’s in my top 5 faves of all time and I can only pray I did it justice with the help of Simón Calle on guitar.

Life is fucking crazy and I love it. Hope you do, too. Enjoy the song!

#love #life #newsong #lessons #growingup #4nonblondes

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