Philly, you're a great place

I like filming our experience and editing shots of everyone because I like to look at how beautiful everyone is. I like to observe all of the beauty that's in a moment. In the moment, I only take in one thing (is it possible to comprehend much else?) -- but when I get to rewatch the moments and splice them up, I get to see all the intricacies beyond what I was able to take in the first time. Creating these videos is a little bit like worship for me in that way, because when I'm doing it, I don't think of anything else except the moments and people I am looking at and how thankful I am that I've been given the chance to be in their lives and them in mine. I love my band. I love traveling around with them, making music, sharing hardships, cracking jokes and playing shows but most of all, I love how happy it feels when we're all together. Ironic that Philly is the city of brotherly love, cause I'd say it really reinforced the love I have for this band fraternity.

Thank you for being a part of the journey

I hope you enjoy the video <3

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