A Formal Welcome!

WHAT IS UP all you fine people!!!

Welcome to my new website & consequently my new blog!!! I am really excited for all that is to come this summer. I am now performing with a new band of renegades called the LORENA LEIGH BAND and I've officially got a manager (her name is Amanda and she is a G). We've got tons of shows, new videos, new music and new fun planned for summer 2016.

The best way to keep up-to-date with all that is Lorena Leigh is through my weekly newsletter, "The Ukuleletter" (*southern accent* I did it myself, it's real nice). So go head, don't be shy, sign up for that ole ukuleletter goodness right HERE right now!

In the mean time and between time until my next blog post & assortment of bad jokes, have a kick ass time and live your life or uke your life. THANKS FOR CHECKING OUT MY WEBSITE.


Shawty Lo

PS special thanks to Tim Phillips for the new photos used to make this site #ProfessionalPhotographer #MyFirstShoot

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