This year at Thanksgiving, my cousin asked if I was going to do a Christmas video and, straight up scrooge vibe, I told her “No way” because my intention was to put all of my time, resources and energy into original music releases that I’m working on……….…

Fast forward to a couple of weeks later. AND IT’S TRUE. YOU REALLY CAN’T PREDICT WHEN YOU...


When head colds and jet lag can't stop a new song from being written.... cause open windows, sunshine & a piano in the middle of Amsterdam offer more inspiration than I was ready for. 

We started this song last fall. We decided not to record a produced version of my song 'Sistership' for the album but rather wanted to write a new song using th...


"Beautiful young people are accidents of nature / But beautiful old people are works of art."
-Marjory Barslow-Greenbie

This isn't exactly music related except for the fact that I wouldn't have even been BORN or be here today playing music if it weren't for this man. 

I interviewed my Grandad a couple of years ago when I first got my camera and...


I didn’t expect to be emotional. The entire process once I had decided to leave was surprisingly  numb. I was focused, knew what I had to do. I packed (or mostly threw things out) with very little emotional attachment and felt eager to get to Texas already!

When I left, however, it all cracked open. I hugged my housemates in Rockaway Beach goo...


Well it's that time of year...

The time of year I scramble last minute to gather gifts, send out cards, fly home to Texas, keep my ole sanity and of course... put together a christmas cover song and music video! Luckily, this year I wasn't able to keep my sanity after all which led to the most outrageous production of a song and dance Christma...

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