I'm originally from and currently live in Keller, Texas. My music writing journey started in 2010 when gifted a ukulele while living in NYC and going to dance school at Alvin Ailey. I played piano growing up and always wrote bits and pieces of jingles and melodies but it wasn't until I was given that ukulele (and stuck on my ass, depressed, and healing from injuries) that I became obsessed with crafting full songs.


   In the summer of 2013 I met producer Rene Veron who inspired and encouraged me to share my ideas by playing live and recording an EP. I released my first EP 'Bella Vista' in 2015. Built a band and began gigging like crazy in the Tri-State area. 


   One of my good friends once described the music I play as “cowgirl-mermaid" and it has stuck ever since. I am constantly writing new songs and no matter what happens, I always will. For me, writing songs is the best form of healing. It is the mode I can best articulate and process how I feel. Whether you dance, cry, surf, snowboard, study, make friends, make love, drive, sing, run or roll down a hill to my music - I hope it brings you the most joy and helps you process and feel more in tune with your own sparkly shining insides.


Thanks for the support! Love you.... for a long time.




PS. Slide into my DMs or shoot me an email. If you're picking up what I'm putting down (w music), I'm sure we'd get along as friends


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"Water Theory bathes the listener in waves of sunny, electronic pop perfection."

- Steve Steward, 'Riding the Wave' in Fort Worth Weekly

"A blast of empowering feel-good pop."

- 'Premiere: Girls Like Me'  in Wonderland. Magazine

"A single song flows effervescently through multiple clever hooks and her voice, the slightest tinge of a twang."

- Brian Kendall, 'The Melody Maker' in Fort Worth Magazine

"One of my favorite discoveries of 2018!"

- Mark Schectman, DFW's Alt103.7 KVIL-FM


Bookings: booking@lorenaleigh.com

General inquiries & Press: lorenaleighmusic@gmail.com

Interested in a living room show or tunes for a private event?

We'd love to talk! Email us and let's work something out.

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Cowgirl-Mermaid Music