"Seeing Lorena live is a splash of genuine happiness and good music from the heart. Explosive!"                        

                                                                           - SoFar Sounds Rotterdam, NL

"Super appealing and relevant"

                          -Harvey Mason Jr., 6 x Grammy winning producer

Hailing from Fort Worth, Texas, with eight years of New York City beach under her belt, Lorena Leigh is the feminine fusion of homegrown story-telling, dance-able rhythms and summertime obsession. 

Lorena began her songwriting journey at the ripe age of 3 when she wrote her first single entitled, "I'm thristy and I want something to drink". The song debuted in her Mother's kitchen as the best way she could express that her sippy cup needed refilling. 'I'm thirsty' became a staple lunch-time jam within the family and was just the beginning to a lifetime of narrating-daily-routine through rhythm and rhyme.


Fast-forward 18 years and through a serendipitous craigslist job search in NYC, Lorena found herself partnered up with Rene Veron writing jingles on various projects for McDonald's, Folgers & Hersheys. While working with Rene, Lorena discovered a love for writing lyrics and melody; an art form that flowed out of her effortlessly. Having suffered a slew of major injuries the 4 years prior as a professional dancer in NYC, Lorena felt free, rejuvenated and at home in her re-discovered outlet of songwriting.

In 2015, Lorena assembled a band and released her first EP 'Bella Vista' to a crowd of two hundred excited fans, friends and family at Route 66 Smokehouse on Stone Street. Over the next three years, Lorena held a weekly summer residency at the Riis Park Beach Bazaar in Rockaway Beach, Queens and frequently played shows through-out Manhattan clubs like Drom, Piano's and Mercury lounge. As Lorena honed her craft through boardwalk beach gigs and city clubs, she developed her sound into the electrified "cowgirl-mermaid" music that it is today, an alt-pop rock style reminiscent of Nelly Furtado, KT Tunstall & Christina Perri.


It is Lorena's childhood love of country music & her enthrallment with the NYC surf-scene during her early twenties, that directly contribute to the catchy hooks, lyrical stories and electrified, pedal-popped ukulele melodies that drive her music.

With her new album 'Water Theory' set to release September 2019, Lorena embarks on a new artistic journey rooted in Texas. After years of story-telling through dance, film and theater, Lorena Leigh now finds herself expressing musically, somewhere between breezy beaches, theatrical night clubs and Americana, in a way that is all her own. 


Lorena Leigh - Vocals, Ukulele, Looper

Ben Holt - Acoustic & Electric Guitar, Vocals

Colleen Clark - Drums, Percussion, Vocals

CONTACT: lorenaleighmusic@gmail.com


"Lorena is awesome live! She has a wonderful voice and a wonderful personality to match."

                                                                 -Bram, Sofar Sounds NYC

"One of my favorite discoveries of 2018...[New Love] is just about the happiest, sunniest sounding track you ever did hear"                                                                - Mark Schectman DFW's Alt 103.7 KVIL-FM

"Lorena Leigh brings beach vibes onto the stage in a cool and unique way."

                      - Matthias Van Ente, Redbull Records Berlin

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